Bumps on penile shaft

22 Mar

Bumps on penile shaft? What are they?

When males notice small, repulsive bumps on penile shaft, the first questions which will come to their minds are What are they? and Why do I have them?

Well, let’s answer each question in turn.
First, what are they: if the small bumps on penile shaft are dome topped, with a color similar to the color of the skin or even lighter and surrounding the head of your penis in concentric rows, then they are probably pearly penile papules. This is a skin condition which affects only men and which is typically seen in men of 20 or 30 years, while also affecting young boys and older men. Pearly penile papules will in most cases diminish in time, so that they might totally vanish after a few years.

Bumps on penile shaft- How to get rid of them

Now that you know what they are, you might be curious to discover how you got them. Well, pearly penile papules are not a STD, that you could have caught from one of your sexual partners. Also, it is not a spreadable disease, so you could not have caught it from anywhere in fact. Additionally, there are clear evidences that this condition is not even genetically passed along, so it was not passed down from your father either. The simple truth is that those little bumps on penile shaft are produced by your body, more accurate by your skin. Sure, even though it may be hard to believe, pearly penile papules are the product of your skin. However, there is still no obvious answer what it is the real explanation for their appearance, so that you can do nothing to stop their appearance. Moreover, it still does not exist a medical treatment which can effectively treat this skin condition.
pearly penile papules Bumps on penile shaft
The laser treatment, the only medical treatment available for this condition is an expensive and risky alternative, as there have been reported many procedures which have ended with side effects, scars and have even affected the normal function of the penis. Therefore, the only good way by which you can get rid of the pearly penile papules is to wait for them to fade away by themselves.
If you can not wait for your pearly penile papules to go away and can no longer cope with the idea that your little friend is affected by those ugly bumps on penile shaft, click here for a safe and effective remedy which will help you get rid of pearly penile papules for good. You will be able to live your life normally again after only a short period of time, without bumps on penile shaft.

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